UAMS launches family residency program in Batesville

UAMS launches family residency program in Batesville

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT/KATV) -UAMS launched a new program in Batesville on Monday to help recruit more doctors to rural Arkansas.

According to a report from KATV, the new family residency program is a three-year commitment, with six doctors limited to each residency.

The plan is to have 18 residents when the program reaches full capacity by 2021.

Right now, none of the current six inaugural students hail from Arkansas, but Dr. Jordan Weaver, the program’s director, does.

Weaver’s grandfather practiced medicine in Independence County for 52 years and now he’s returned home, making him an outlier when it comes to statistics on where new doctors settle down to practice medicine.

Weaver said more than half of all residents settle down within 50 miles of where they do their residency.

Those numbers related to medical residency and where a doctor settles down are a big reason why UAMS established eight rural campuses across the state.

“And so bringing these people here, training them here, we’re more likely to retain them at least to this area,” said Weaver.

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