ONE Razorback Roadshow stopped in Paragould Tuesday

ONE Razorback Roadshow stopped in Paragould Tuesday
Region 8 Sports Extra: Hunter Yurachek, Jordyn Wieber, & Jason Watson in Paragould

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - The Hogs made a visit to Region 8 Tuesday. Paragould was the 4th stop of the ONE Razorback Roadshow.

Plenty of sooie flavor at Skinny J’s. Arkansas AD Hunter Yurachek gave an update on all things athletics. Razorback volleyball coach Jason Watson part of the Roadshow, one of his signees is Valley View’s Abbi McGee. New gymnastics coach Jordyn Wieber also in town today, plenty of anticipation with the Olympic gold medalist leading the squad.

Hunter Yurachek - Arkansas Athletic Director

“It’s been a great summer, we’ve gotten arond the state, bringing our coaches & cheerleaders. We just want to share the excitement we have for Razorback athletics across this state. We talk about the ONE Razorback and what that really means. We only need everyone, we need everyone across this great state to support our program. But we’re coming to you. This is not a fundraising event whatsoever, this is a friendraising event. We want people to know across this state that they’re a part of our athletic program.”

Jason Watson - Arkansas Head Volleyball Coach

“Yeah, we’re excited about Abbi McGee. She comes from an athletic family and it’s nice for us to be able to recruit this side of the state and get someone from Northeast Arkansas on our roster. She’s there in Fayetteville, going to school, adjusting. It’s a transition of course from high school to college, but she’s doing a remarkable job.”

Jordyn Wieber - Arkansas Head Gymnastics Coach

“Things are going well. We started out after I came on board, built a staff. Now we have our team back there, they’re in summer school right now. We’re really starting to lay that foundation for the future of Arkansas gymnastics. And we’re working on things like new skills, some of the team culture pieces, a lot of different things. But we’re really excited about the future.”

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