Police department gets computer system upgrade

Police department gets computer system upgrade

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (KAIT) - The Walnut Ridge Police Department plans to make some much needed updates.

Police Chief Jordan Cooksey said the storage system for body and dash cam video is outdated, and the department has had to keep adding external hard drives in order to have enough storage.

At Monday’s city council meeting, the department was granted an extra $4,500 for the updates.

Cooksey said the new system will make everything more efficient.

“The goal is to centralize everything," said Cooksey. "Currently, with the system we have, we have files stored in one place and another place in separate computers in the department. This system will be networked in to every computer in the department.”

Cooksey said the department already ordered the parts they need for the update.

He said as soon as they come in, they should have everything up and running within just three hours after installing everything.

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