Area fire department makes much needed upgrades

Local Fire Department Makes Much Needed Upgrades

CAVE CITY, Ark. (KAIT) - The Cave City Fire Department is looking to improve their fire protection system, along with their ISO rating.

The city started replacing some of their old fire hydrants this month.

It’s a project eight years in the making that is finally coming together for the town’s fire department.

Fire inspector Justin Wilson said they’re replacing fire hydrants that have been around as long as 1959 that could no longer be maintained.

With how much the town has grown in the past 60 years, the department is also placing additional fire hydrants in locations that need them.

“For me, this is a project that I’ve worked on for eight years," said Wilson. "A lot of work has went into it, and a lot of people have been involved, so it’s good to see something be done.”

The department plans to replace two or three fire hydrants and add around 10 more in the next five to 10 years.

These new improvements will not only help the fire department respond to emergencies more efficiently, but it could lower their ISO rating as well.

A lower ISO rating could mean lower insurance costs for residents.

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