Craighead Co. health inspections: July 11-18

Craighead Co. health inspections: July 11-18
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - During the week of July 11-18, inspectors from the Craighead County Health Unit visited 22 food establishments.

Here’s a look at the critical violations they found:

Name Address Date Type Critical Observations
Ana’s Angels Academy 2614 E. Matthews 7-15 Routine None
AUI Workshop 2725 N. Church 7-18 Routine None
Burger King #17143 4000 E. Johnson 7-17 Routine 1. Observed creamer in drive-thru cold-holding drawer holding at temperatures above 41F-relocated.
DBA Domino’s Pizza 2508 Stadium 7-17 Routine 1. Hand washing sink was blocked by maintenance
person’s equipment-corrected.
2. Observed employee wash hands in 3-compartment sink.
3. Observed hand soap stored on prep cooler-manager relocated.
Dragon City 300 S. Main 7-12 Follow-up None
First United Methodist Early 801 S. Main 7-17 Routine None
Food Smart #6-Food Store 2819 E. Nettleton 7-18 Routine 1. Observed raw pork roast stored over smoked sausage in walk-in cooler-corrected.
2. Observed Always Save crushed pineapple and mandarin orange cans on retail shelves with damage to the hermetic seal-corrected.
Food Smart #6-Deli 2819 E. Nettleton 7-18 Routine 1. Observed employee don gloves without washing hands
first. Employee was addressed with the issue; removed gloves.
Jimmy John’s 1319 Stadium 7-15 Routine None
Love’s Travel Stop #607 5101 E. Parker 7-17 Follow-up None
Ms. Banks’ Busy Bees 1301 Hwy. 18, Lake City 7-15 Opening None
Ozark Waffles #698 2905 Phillips 7-15 Routine 1. Observed employee cell phones stored on prep
2. Observed hot water turned off at hand wash sink in rear-corrected.
3. Observed raw eggs stored over hash browns and
4. Observed hand wash sink filled with wet rags-corrected.
5. Observed spray cans of pesticides stored in facility-cans removed, corrected on site.
Qdoba Mexican Grill 2935 Parkwood 7-11 Follow-up 1. Observed paddle in hand wash sink-corrected.
Senior Life Center 700 E. Washington 7-12 Routine 1. Observed soda can with no lid.
2. Observed food uncovered in reach-in cooler.
3. Observed can of Raid in office. Spray pesticides are not
to be used or stored in food establishment.
4. Observed unlabeled chemical bottle.
Steak 'N Shake 2307 E. Parker 7-15 Routine 1. Observed cheese in prep cooler at 45F.
2. Observed ice dumped in hand wash sink-corrected.
Target T-1919-Deli 3000 E. Highland 7-11 Routine 1. Observed sanitizer stored next to food-corrected.
2. Observed coffee pot stored on hand wash sink.
The Truck Patch 906 Southwest 7-17 Follow-up None
Tropical Smoothie Cafe 3410 E. Johnson 7-12 Routine 1. Observed bottle of chemical with no label-corrected.
2. Observed chemicals stored on prep table.
3. Observed employee cell phone stored on prep table-corrected.
Twisted Foods Eatery & Meal Prep 1320 Red Wolf 7-15 Routine 1. Observed food stored over fill line of cooler.
2. Observed chemicals in bottles with no labels-corrected.
3. Observed phones on prep tables-corrected.
Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint 2203 Red Wolf 7-15 Routine 1. Observed no soap at hand wash sink-corrected.
2. Observed employee drink in open container-corrected.
3. Observed dough and equipment stored in front of hand wash sink-corrected.
4. Observed chemical in spray bottle with no label-corrected.
5. Observed no paper towels at hand wash sink-corrected.
Walmart Supercenter 45-Deli/Bakery 1815 E. Highland 7-17 Follow-up None
Wendy’s 3102 Southwest 7-17 Follow-up None

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