Friday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Jim Frigo

Friday's GMR8 Foxhole 07-19-19

CHICAGO, Ill. (KAIT/NBC News) -The man who caught the alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon received one more Chicago honor Wednesday morning.

He turned on the water at Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park.

Florida gator expert Frank Robb was brought in by the city after a week of failed attempts to catch the gator.

Robb reeled in the gator, who was nicknamed "Chance the Snapper."

Robb said the gator is exhausted but in good health.

After catching the gator, Robb threw out the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs game Tuesday night at Wrigley Field.

The crowd went wild and gave Robb a huge cheer.

Animal Care and Control said they believe the gator was someone's pet and was dumped in the lagoon.

“Chance the Snapper” will likely end up at a zoo or sanctuary.

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