Officials warn people to stay hydrated

Officials warn people to stay hydrated

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Summer brings the worst heat and this week alone, Region 8 has seen the heat index reach up to 115 degrees.

Statewide, the heat has been difficult with one notable death from a heat stroke- former Arkansas Razorback and New York Giants player Mitch Petrus.

Emerson Paramedics confirmed they have seen an uptick in calls related to heat exhaustion.

Paramedic Manager Becky McAdoo suggested placing cold items on your body when you feel any sign of being dehydrated.

“Cold towels anything cold, ice packs place them behind the neck, under the arm pits or in the groin areas,” McAdoo said. “Those are the quickest cooling areas on the body.”

There are three types of heat exhaustion: heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. One of the first signs to dehydration is cramping.

According to McAdoo, always keep an eye out for children, the elderly and most importantly, those who take Beta Blocker medications.

She suggests if you don’t have to be outside, don’t. If you do, keep water handy.

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