Team Jonesboro rolls out more than a dozen project ideas

Updated: Jul. 24, 2019 at 8:35 AM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A group that supports a proposed sales tax seeking to update quality of life issues in Jonesboro released more than a dozen project recommendations during a kickoff event.

From dog parks to an $18 million aquatic center, the group presented several details including a comparative cost of similar projects, an estimated cost of proposals, budgeting and why projects are being considered.

It’s something people have been asking for since the movement started, but spokesman Scott McDaniel said this is just the beginning.

“The best ideas may be out there on the sideline, so bring them to the oversight council,” McDaniel said. “That’s the reason why we set this whole thing up was to leverage creativity and competition to create a system where our city dramatically changes.”

Here is a list of the ideas, and approximate low-end, and high-end costs for possible quality of life projects:

  • Aquatic Center for holding swim meets, with a recreational pool: $15-18M
  • Bike and Pedestrian Trails for connectivity through Jonesboro: $5.2-10.5M
  • Sidewalks through Jonesboro: $12M
  • Outdoor Concert and Entertainment Venue/Amphitheater: $10-12M
  • Volleyball and Multi-Sport Complex: $9.75-11.2M
  • General Parks and Pools throughout Jonesboro: $10-12M
  • Forum renovations and improvements: $7-9M
  • Enhanced mosquito control: $6M
  • Children’s Museum: $5-8M
  • Tennis indoor facility: $3.5-5M
  • Youth Sporting Complex: $3.5-5M
  • Senior Center: $2.5M-4M
  • Beautification and Pocket Parks: $2.5M
  • Dog Parks: $50,000-$500,000

Both representatives of the Jonesboro Police Department and Jonesboro Fire Department were at the meeting to discuss their proposals, which include nearly $100 million in funding if approved by voters.

The group estimated those costs to be between $87 and $99-million.

Here is a list of the ideas, and approximate low-end, and high-end costs for public safety projects:

Jonesboro Police Department:

  • Operations Center: $15-25M
  • Substations: $2.5-5M
  • Radios: $7M
  • Vehicles (current staff): $7.5M
  • Cameras: $820,000
  • Swat Upgrades: $826,000
  • AXON Contract: $5.8M
  • New Officers: $17M
  • Vehicles (new officers): $1.2M

Jonesboro Fire Department:

  • New Station 8: $2M
  • New Station 9: $2.5M
  • Replace Engine Trucks: $1.2M
  • Replace Ladder Trucks: $1.2M
  • New Engine Truck, Station 8: $590,000
  • New Engine Truck, Station 9: $600,000
  • Personnel at existing stations: $5.7M
  • Personnel at new stations: $15M

Posted by Team Jonesboro on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The proposed one percent sales tax would be split, with 50 percent used for public safety, and 50 percent for quality of life projects.

If passed, the tax would last for 12 years.

Voters head to the polls on the issue Sept. 10.

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