A Better Region 8: Protecting those who protect us

A Better Region 8: Protecting those who protect us

(KAIT) -It's the summer and temperatures run high.

Dangerously hot, especially for our police and firefighters.

Dangerous because they must wear protective clothing even with heat indices over 100.

To help, a businessman donated some gear to the Paragould Police Department to make them some cool cops, literally.

A device called Cool Cops attaches to the A/C vent and runs a pipe under the officer’s bulletproof vest.

That doesn’t sound like much, but when you have the vest and 25 pounds of gear on, it can get warm really quickly.

Coldstream Fisheries and Justin Pillow donated the devices.

As the police department put it on their Facebook post, “Our officers are very appreciative of this kind gesture, and are very appreciative of the support.”

With temperatures in the 90’s, and heat indices being over 100°, it’s hot for everyone right now. However, when you...

Posted by Paragould Police Department on Saturday, July 20, 2019

We’d like to echo those comments and say thank you for watching out for the men and women who watch out for the rest of us.

You make this a better Region Eight.

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