Lead The Way event to help support school staff

“Lead The Way” event to help support school staff

NEWPORT, Ark. (KAIT) -School officials with the Newport School District want to bring the community together to support teachers as another year gets underway.

The event, known as Lead The Way, is scheduled for Aug. 5-7.

Superintendent Brett Bunch said it’s all about serving the kids but also knowing it takes a strong team to serve.

“We value what our teachers do in the trenches every day, because without them we can’t run a school, we wouldn’t even be here,” Bunch said. “So, the importance of everyone being on board, everyone having the same vision, us working towards the same mission, is key for our district to be successful.”

Bunch said there are plenty of opportunities to help.

The Newport Area Chamber of Commerce is searching for partners to provide food and gifts for the teachers. The district will also feature your business or name on its website.

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