Church sowing seeds of goodwill with garden

Church gives in vegetables

LAKE CITY, Ark. (KAIT) - Gardens in Lake City may not be uncommon, but one was created specifically to feed those in need.

The Southern Delta Church of Wicca ATC decided to spend their money on a community garden to feed low-income families in the area.

According to the church’s website, 66 percent of the town’s residents don’t have enough to eat. They hope their community garden will change that.

Despite some concerns about their church, Rev. Terry Riley said the produce is always taken.

“I’ve come to find out over the years, if people are hungry, whoever’s giving them the food, they don’t really care what religion or what background they have," said Riley. "If they’re hungry, they accept the food.”

He said the goal is to get people to work together and take care of one another.

Those looking to contribute time or money to the church’s community garden, click here.

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