Crews start work on short term fix for Bono Lake

Crews start work on short term fix for Bono Lake

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - After an inspection raised concerns about Bono Lake, Region 8 News reported last month that county officials were waiting for a recommendation on how to fix it.

Judge Marvin Day said they’ve just gotten a short term and long term plan back from the consulting engineer who surveyed the dam.

On the short term plan, Day said they’re going ahead and starting work on Wednesday.

Erosion has caused several trenches to form along the dam, some up to about three feet deep.

Work on those will include filling them in with dirt and then getting grass growing on top to help prevent future erosion.

Day said they’ll use county employees and equipment to do the work and some materials from the Crisis Stabilization Unit site to help save money for this portion of the fix.

Crews are hoping to finish in the next two to four days.

"But then long term, because it was not just one isolated area, he recommended in the long term doing treatments to that entire dam and fix the problem the right way," Day said.

There’s no timeline yet on when the county may try to tackle that long term plan or how much those chemical treatments could cost.

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