Toddlers found naked in street, woman arrested

Toddlers found naked in street, woman arrested
Kelsey Lane Alvarado, 26, Jonesboro Endangering the welfare of a minor-third degree (7/24) (Source: Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office)

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Police arrested a Jonesboro woman after officers say they found two toddlers wandering the streets naked.

Just before 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Officer Nathaniel Cole responded to the 900-block of East Craighead Forest Road.

When he arrived, according to the initial incident report, he found two children “in the middle of the road naked.”

A witness told police she noticed the children playing in the middle of the road as she came around the curve. Another witness, who was driving behind the first witness, said they both picked up the kids and tried to find out where they lived.

The witnesses then went to a nearby house they believed were the children’s home, but no one answered the door, police said.

Cole said in the police report that he later spoke to the children’s father, who said the children’s mother was supposed to be watching the children.

Cole then spoke to the mother, 26-year-old Kelsey Lane Alvarado, police said.

“(She) was slurring her words and appeared to have just woken up. I then asked her why the kids were outside and she stated she didn’t know, because they were with her the whole time. I then asked her to show me what room the children were supposed to be in,” Cole said. “As I walked in the house, I was overwhelmed with the smell of urine, dog feces and rotting food. The residence was in complete disarray.”

Cole said he saw rotting food in every room, all over the floor, dog feces all over the floor, and “I could not take a single step in the house without stepping on either trash, clothing or old food."

After securing the children, Cole arrested Alvarado on suspicion of third-degree child endangerment and took her to the Craighead County Detention Center.

Alvarado was later released on bond.

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