A Better Region 8: Double down on washing your hands

A Better Region 8: Double down on washing your hands

(KAIT) -Last week, the state health department alerted the public to another possible Hepatitis A exposure at a local restaurant.

Patrons were strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.

This is the latest alert in a long and growing list of restaurants where there has been a potential exposure to Hep A.

Vaccines are mandatory for restaurant workers.

So are washing their hands after going to the bathroom and before returning to work.

We all hope the latter is happening and with copious amounts of soap.

It’s concerning to see the lack of cleanliness at some restaurants, both in the bathroom and in the dining area.

If the areas customers can see is in that bad of shape, we can only imagine what is or is not happening in the kitchen.

This is not a new Hep A outbreak.

It began three years ago with most cases in and around Kentucky.

Last year, it made it to Arkansas when the health department started sending alerts about exposures at local restaurants. There was some initial public shock.

People stopped going to those restaurants.

That’s a shame.

The restaurants were much cleaner after the health department sent the notice.

What there needs to be is a campaign to get everyone to wash their hands more often.

It’ll make us all healthier and spread fewer germs of every kind.

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