East Texas Father of slain woman continues push to implement Kari’s Law

East Texas Father of slain woman continues push to implement Kari’s Law

WASHINGTON, DC (GRAY NEWS) - An east Texas man who is fighting to get direct 9-1-1 dialing at places like hotels and office buildings is one step closer to achieving his goal. He was in Washington, DC Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to put the law into action.

Hank Hunt’s daughter, Kari, was brutally murdered in an east Texas hotel room, five years ago. Kari’s daughter tried calling 9-1-1 during the attack, but the call never went through. Hunt says his granddaughter didn’t know she had to dial a number before 9-1-1 to reach an outside line.

Thursday, the FCC voted to require all multi-line phones to allow people to dial 9-1-1 directly in places like college campuses and office buildings.

Hunt says there is still more work to be done—he will keep spreading awareness about Kari’s law.

“It’s a matter of word of mouth, knocking on doors and letting people know come February 16, this is law and there’s going to be some liability involved if something should happen on their properties,” said Hunt.

The requirement won’t apply to phones before Kari’s Law was enacted.

Hunt says this law is truly a tribute to his daughter.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says Hank’s efforts will save lives in the future.

The FCC also voted to require any phones besides a cell phone to provide a location like a street address and room number to first responders when someone dials 9-1-1.

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