Disabled veteran works against deadline to save home

Local veteran works against deadline to save his home

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - A local veteran is working to save his home, before a condemnation deadline.

Mike Settlemoir is a disabled veteran in Paragould.

His house is on a list of properties to be condemned in the city, and he only has a few weeks to get it up to code.

“What I’m actually trying to do is save my home,” said Settlemoir.

Settlemoir bought the property in 2016, but with several hospital visits since then, he hasn’t been able to work to make it a home.

“Nobody can foresee their health going downhill,” said Settlemoir.

Paragould City Council member Josh Agee said Settlemoir has known about the condemnation for over a year.

“He was contacted by our code enforcer, I believe in May of last year, which was 2018, so he’s been given over 14 months,” said Agee.

The council gave him a 30-day extension on the property, and he has until the end of August to get everything up to code.

Amy Williams is volunteering to help with the project, and says it’s basically given Settlemoir an ultimatum.

“He has to fix it or he has nowhere to go,” said Williams.

Settlemoir already has some materials to go toward fixing the home, but isn’t able to work himself due to his health.

Now, he’s turning to the public for help.

“I’m not a beggar or a bummer or anything like that, it’s just a shame for this house to go to waste as good a home as it is, as it could be,” said Settlemoir.

The council agrees they want to work with him, not against him.

“If he has made significant progress on this property then I can’t see us tearing it down, now that’s just my opinion and I’m only one member,” said Agee.

It’s just a matter of getting everything up to code before time runs out.

Settlemoir is still looking for volunteers to help clean the property.

If you’re interested in helping you can contact him at 870-595-4052, or his caretaker Jackie at 870-476-3361.

There is also a GoFundMe set up to help with the cost of supplies, you can find it here.

Council member Agee said the city doesn’t want to take the home, and there is a possibility of another extension.

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