Crews work to restore power

Crews work to restore power

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) -The storm that blew through Region 8 Tuesday night left a lot behind, despite how quickly it left the area.

Senior Engineer for City, Water and Light Grant McDaniel said they’re looking at a lot of damage.

“We had the storm blow through,” McDaniel said. “We’ve got 30 transmission poles down in three different locations. So, we’ve got sister utilities coming in. Craighead Electric has got crews working right now. Paragould’s got crews here and we’ve got North Little Rock coming and multiple contractors coming.”

Power line down on CW Post Road in Jonesboro
Power line down on CW Post Road in Jonesboro (Source: KAIT-TV)

Pete Gurdian lives in Paragould but works for Alliance in Jonesboro on Commerce Drive.

He said he was stunned when he arrived at work and started looking around.

“When I left the neighborhood, there were a couple of trees broken, but not much damage,” Gurdian said. “I thought I’d see more. But, then, when I got here, the parking lot was full of leaves and branches and stuff. And then I looked across the street and there was a big tree over there broken. There were also people working on the lines.”

“We’ve had ice storms and things before,” McDaniel said. “But we’ve got help coming and we’re going to be setting poles today.”

Crews from out of town arrived to help restore power
Crews from out of town arrived to help restore power (Source: KAIT-TV)

At least 60 people and 20 pieces of equipment from out of town are working with local crews.

Kevan Inboden with CWL said they’ve purchased some heavy, duty steel poles that will replace the broken ones.

As far as cleaning up the damage goes, Inboden said they’re going to have to tear out the bad polls, roll up the wire and cable on the ground, assemble the steel poles because they arrived in sections and then put up the new wire.

He said it’s too early to tell how long it will take to restore everything, but they’re working both early and late to get it done.

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