Unity Coalition makes progress on honoring King

Unity Coalition makes progress on honoring MLK

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Unity Coalition was able to put tensions behind them this week during their third meeting.

The group voted on different streets and projects that could honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. including an Eastern Arterial bypass, Aggie Road and Southwest Drive.

Aggie Road had the most votes and now, the committee will get the logistics together to present to the city council.

“I just think this committee has turned out to be a good idea. People are concerned about it whether it divides the city… the city is already divided. We are trying to bring the city together,” committee member Sandra Combs said.

The coalition also talked about adding a trail or other landmarks to honor King.

However, many believe a street is not enough.

The opposition to those renaming streets would be the economic trouble many businesses would have to go through to make change cards, windows and more.

Another thing many want to honor a resolution set by the council that no street should be renamed inside the city limits.

However, committee member Lisa Melton said there’s a bigger picture.

“I’m not as concerned for the businesses than I am about the message,” Melton said. “We are here to do something exceptional.”

Nothing is official yet, although the committee voted on Aggie Road. They still have to get logistics together and present it to the city council.

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