Jonesboro men split $75,000 lottery prize

Jonesboro men split $75,000 lottery prize
Robin Rhea (l) and Greg Schaaf will split a $75,000 prize in the Arkansas Lottery. (Source: Arkansas Scholarship Lottery)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT) - The weather outside has definitely been hot the past several days and the need for water led two Jonesboro men to walk away with $75,000 in cold, hard cash by splitting a winning lottery ticket.

According to a media release from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, Robin Rhea and Greg Schaaf - who have a tradition of alternating buying lottery tickets a couple of times a week - won the prize Wednesday.

Rhea went to Little Rock Wednesday to claim the prize, while Schaaf bought the $3 10X Bonus Crossword Instant Ticket at Adoosh Mini Mart on South Gee Street Monday.

“Greg and I have been close friends since high school, and we’ve also been working together for years,” Rhea said.

Schaaf said it was the trip to the convenience store that led to the winning ticket.

“This weather has been scorching! We ran out of bottled water, so I ran to the store to purchase some more. During my stop, I decide to purchase a lottery ticket and gave it to Robin when I got back to work,” Schaaf said.

Both Rhea and Schaaf said they did not realize the ticket was a winner until Tuesday.

“I scratched the ticket after dinner. When I realized that it was a winner, I called Greg immediately. I knew I had to split the prize with my buddy,” Rhea said.

“When he told me the news, I was thrilled. I’ve been having a hard time lately and just decided to put it in God’s hands. Then all of a sudden - boom! My friend wins the lottery, and I’m blessed that he wants to split it with me," Schaaf said.

When asked what they plan to do with the money, both Schaaf and Rhea said they will be paying bills and church tithes with the money as well as donating money to a rehabilitation facility in Jonesboro.

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