Region 8 school leads state in helping students plan for the future

Region 8 school leads state in helping students plan for the future

HIGHLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - A Region 8 School is getting state recognition for how well they’re helping students plan to succeed in the future.

The Highland High School Student Success Plans are being used as an example across the state, for how schools should advise students and prepare them for college and career success.

This year, the school has added an entire period for students to focus on their individual success plans.

Assistant Principal Missy Floyd said the school’s goal is to help their students in whatever they choose.

“We talked about about all means all, and empowering all to achieve means we want to meet every one of our students where they are in their learning pathway and help them move forward," said Floyd. "We know that all students are not going to go to college and that’s okay. So what can we do for every one of our students to help them be successful.”

During the student success periods, teachers work with students on things like character and leadership qualities, soft skills to help students in the workplace, and spend time on subjects the student might need help with.

Floyd said the school also hopes to extend the program with internships and job shadowing to help students venture into the fields they choose to pursue.

Highland’s plan is used by the Department of Education as a model for other schools in the state.

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