Narrow road has neighbors near school asking questions

Road Used In Emergencies Now Used For Buses

SOUTHSIDE, Ark. (KAIT) - The sight of King George Street is fairly quiet on most days but when school is in session, it can be difficult to drive down.

Most days it is flooded with traffic from Southside Elementary School.

Before the school was built in 2009, the street was a dead-end, gravel road.

The road has since been paved and people have said the road was supposed to be used for an emergency road for the school district.

However, neighbors say the road is now a bus route each day.

“The street is too narrow. We understood when they built the school, that it would only be used for emergencies and the neighborhood street isn’t big enough to carry the traffic. This is a one-way street and they don’t want to move over, they want you to move over,” neighbor John Robinson said.

Neighbors are also concerned about being run off the road, especially with a school bus on the narrow road going into a ditch.

Southside Superintendent Roger Rich said Friday that growth has caused the district to change traffic patterns in the area.

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