Citizens, Team Jonesboro members discuss sales tax proposal

Citizens, Team Jonesboro members discuss sales tax proposal

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - There were a lot of questions Friday night at a town hall for the Team Jonesboro Initiative, in preparation for the upcoming sales tax vote.

The panel of Team Jonesboro members and citizens went back and forth on several aspects of the proposed 1% sales tax.

Deborah Parsons, who lives in the Jonesboro area, said she’s still on the fence about the initiative but said getting out and asking questions left her with a better understanding of what the tax would do, if passed.

“If it’s ambiguous to you and you don’t understand it, then you go to the meetings, it requires a little effort but in the long run, it could be very important to your children or your grandchildren,” said Parsons.

While everyone that spoke or asked questions at the town hall was in favor of increasing the sales tax for the Police and Fire Departments, there were a lot of questions about the amenities the tax would go toward.

“I think an aquatic center is a good idea,” said Parsons. “But there are other things, like we have two senior centers, we don’t need a senior center.”

The panel explained that amenity projects would be chosen through the Oversight Integrity Council and then passed through the City Council, and that the public would be able to argue for or against the projects.

Team Jonesboro member Scott McDaniel said the most important thing about these meetings is the public feedback and comments on the proposed sales tax and how it impacts the community in both safety and amenities.

“I ask that people think not so much about a project individually, but in turn think about the holistic idea of what having these types of projects will bring to Jonesboro and what they’ll bring to your life,” said McDaniel.

The vote for the proposed 1% tax will be on Sept. 10, and early voting starts Sept. 3.

Members of Team Jonesboro said they’ll plan to have more town halls and discussions until then.

The next meeting will be 9 a.m. Saturday at Coffee with a Councilmen at Fat City Grill.

You can find the times and places for other town halls, or request one for your area through the Team Jonesboro Facebook page.

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