A Better Region 8: Public reaction to FBI school threat warning

A Better Region 8: Public reaction to FBI school threat warning

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Over the weekend the Federal Bureau of Investigation sent a notice to area police and school districts letting them know they'd received information about a threat to schools in Arkansas and Kentucky.

The FBI said someone made the threat while playing an online video game.

Even though the threat did not seem overly credible, the FBI wanted to make sure local agencies were in the loop.

Local schools posted the same wording from the FBI to their social media pages, we imagine in an effort to be transparent.

We also imagine all agencies did this to cover themselves in the extreme off chance that something actually does happen.

We can imagine the backlash they would receive if they knew and didn't let parents know.

What did happen is many folks stopped reading the post after the first few words and went into panic mode.

That led to lots of shares and calls to area police and schools wanting to know more information.

If anyone had bothered to read further, they would have known that the FBI does not believe anyone inside the country made the threat and no specific school was mentioned.

We need to be vigilant every day.

We need to take any threat seriously.

We also need to be careful about how we react in these situations.

It could take our police and school officials away from looking out for other threats.

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