Harrisburg school board accepts resignation from superintendent

Harrisburg school board accepts resignation from superintendent

HARRISBURG, Ark. (KAIT) - The Harrisburg School District will now look for a new superintendent after the current superintendent resigned Monday night.

The school board accepted Michael McInnis’ resignation during a special meeting.

“The only decision we had tonight to accept or deny his resignation for Doctor Michael McGinnis who was our superintendent,” school board President Fonda Eaton said.

The meeting was a termination hearing requested by McInnis.

McInnis was placed on administrative leave, and the school board voted during a special meeting to begin the termination process.

“I think it’s in the best interest for him and the school district,” Eaton said. “We are going to move forward in a positive direction. We have an assistant superintendent who is capable to carry on those duties.”

Eaton said there is no reason for students, parents, or staff of the Harrisburg School District to be alarmed because they have staff to take care of those duties.

McInnis began as superintendent over the summer, replacing Danny Sample.

Since McInnis resigned, the reason behind the school board placing him on administrative leave is not accessible through the Freedom of Information Act.

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