After-school program helping students prepare for college, life

After-school program helping students prepare for college, life

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - At least 40 kids are enrolled in an after-school program and the improvements in students’ grades prove it is working.

The Hispanic Center in Jonesboro serves children who need extra help with their schoolwork.

Some of these students are behind in their English, writing or reading classes. The program serves to get the kids to where they need to be to successful.

Program coordinator Carolina Elmore said not only are the kids getting help with their homework, the program keeps them off the streets after school and out of trouble.

“We encourage the parents to bring them here to the program,” she said. “Being here in the Center, it helps them learn things and be out of the streets.”

Elmore said she’s seen improvements made in the students’ grades over time, and even all the way to college.

“I’ve seen kids going to college,” she said. “They started coming here to the Hispanic Center after school programs since they were in kindergarten. They’ve been going to all the programs that we have here in the center. Not only the after-school program but other programs we also have for them.”

The Hispanic Center is open year-round, giving kids and families the opportunities for learning all the time.

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