A Better Region 8: Police need the community’s help solving crimes

A Better Region 8: The public can help police solve crimes

(KAIT) -Once again, gunshots broke the peace of an August night in Jonesboro.

Two people wound up in the hospital, thankfully with non-life-threatening injuries.

But that is not always the case. Sometimes, victims end up in the morgue.

Once again, Jonesboro police struggle to find witnesses to help them solve the crime.

No one wants to speak up, no one wants to get involved.

Perhaps they fear retaliation, perhaps they distrust the police, perhaps they just don’t care.

A phrase has floated around for years: Snitches get stitches.

Do you know who else gets stitches?

Innocent people, through no fault of their own, who get caught in the crossfire of a rivalry.

Maybe your brother, sister, mother, dad, or your child.

They could easily become a victim of a poorly aimed gunshot.

A shot fired by someone who got away with it before, someone you might even know. Maybe you even saw them pull the trigger, but you said nothing.

Brave, real brave.

Here’s another phrase: See something, say something.

Don’t be afraid. Stand up, speak out, and make your community, your family safer, and this a better Region 8.

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