Fraudulent cash being passed along in Region 8

Officials Cracking Down on Phony Money

INDEPENDENCE CO., Ark. (KAIT) - Multiple Region 8 cities are dealing with fraudulent money floating around and one county has been working on putting an end to the scam.

Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens says they first got the report coming from the Newark area. He says the majority of the bills are $20 bills and it is obvious that they’re counterfeit.

“We got with Batesville Police Department, and took on their cases. From what we have found, it’s just the suspects we are investigating [that are involved],” Stephens said.

All of the suspects have been caught with the help of surveillance video. Suspects could face a Class B felony and time in prison.

It is still an ongoing investigation and Stephens expects it to cover multiple counties.

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