RED WOLVES RAW: Monday weekly football press conference (09/09- Georgia)

Red Wolves Raw: Blake Anderson weekly press conference (09/09 - Georgia)
David Duggan weekly press conference (09/09 -GEORGIA)
Red Wolves Raw: Keith Heckendorf weekly press conference (09/09- Georgia)

Red Wolves Raw is extensive KAIT interviews and Arkansas State press conferences.

Arkansas State posted their first win of 2019 on Saturday with a 43-17 victory at UNLV.

The Red Wolves also saw the return of head coach Blake Anderson to the sidelines after his leave of absence from the passing of his wife Wendy.

A-State is set to battle #3 Georgia on the road in Athens on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. CST. (ESPN2)

Hear from Anderson, defensive coordinator David Duggan and offensive coordinator Keith Heckendorf

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