Heartland church celebrates 200 years

Heartland church celebrates 200 years
Brazeau Presbyterian Church picture taken sometime in the mid to late 1800's. (Photo source: Brazeau Presbyterian Church)

BRAZEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Brazeau Presbyterian Church in Brazeau, Missouri celebrated its 200 year anniversary on Sunday, September 8..

More than 150 people packed the church for a special Sunday celebration service.

"This church is about love and faith and that's what it still resides on. That's what we depend on every Sunday," Brazeau Presbyterian church member Linda Barber said. "We take care of one another and that's something special."

Barber has collected lots of pictures, articles and other items relating to the 200 year old church and the community there.

"It became fun to do their history because there was so much history here that's available to us," Barber stated. "That's not the norm in most of these little communities. These people kept wonderful records."

For Kirk Luckey, this church is a large part of his history as he is the sixth generation in the church and Brazeau community.

"It's just been a huge part of my life," Luckey said. "My great-great-great grandfather is buried here and helped found this church back in 1819. He was born in the late 1700's. So we've just been here forever."

One memory Luckey shared was about his great-great grandfather and his brother and how they spent their time at the church and away during the Civil War.

“My great-great grandfather and his brother went to church here on a Sunday morning,” Luckey explained. “When they left church, they shook hands and then went to opposing sides in the Civil War. They both lived through it and they came back and shook hands at the church and continued living their lives together, even though they had different views. That just shows the family love in this building, in this church.”

People we talked to there say it's great to see so many people that came by and showed their support for the church.

"You just know how much this church really does mean for people," Luckey added. "People came all over from the United States to be here today. That says it all."

After the service, everyone met up to eat lunch and reminisce looking at old photos and memorabilia from the church.

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