Safety for all on A-State’s campus

Additional Events for UPD Safety Week

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Arkansas State University is being proactive with its student safety by utilizing the University Police Department.

UPD holds an annual safety week on campus to educate students on several hazards they can come in contact with while at A-State.

Crosswalk safety is high on the list for UPD according to Bill Smith, associate vice chancellor for marketing and communications.

“We had three students that were injured last year in a crosswalk,” he said. “They were doing the right thing, walking. Unfortunately, the driver did not see them.”

The university recently was awarded funding for sidewalks to be added to the campus.

Smith said the university is pleased to get the funding.

“We’ve been working through a master plan here on campus for several years and we’re fortunate that we’ve been able to receive a third phase of that multi-use path,” he said.

The university stressed the importance of knowing your surroundings when using their sidewalks.

“We want our pedestrians to have their heads up and aware of the situation,” he said. “They don’t need to be distracted walkers.”

The university offers several ways for pedestrians to be safe on campus.

Students can contact UPD and get a free escort to and from their vehicles on campus. If students choose to walk, red emergency towers are located throughout the campus for immediate help.

An app called Quick Tips is only for UPD and student usage. On the app, crimes and emergencies can be reported anonymously by students.

UPD’s safety week goes on through Friday. To find out more about the events, click here.

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