City approves equipment upgrades for fire department

City approves equipment upgrades for fire department

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (KAIT) - A local fire department is getting some new life-saving equipment soon, thanks to their city council.

The Walnut Ridge City Council has approved $170,000 worth of equipment upgrades for the fire department.

The money will be used to buy 24 new breathing apparatuses.

These new apparatuses will be easier to clean, which can help lower the risk of cancer-causing contaminants firefighters are exposed to.

Assistant Fire Chief Chris Jones said staying up-to-date on the equipment is key to achieving the most important thing.

“Safety. Safety first for us and the safer we are the better job we can do of protecting lives and property,” said Jones.

The new masks for the breathing apparatuses will also offer thermal imaging, which helps the firefighters see hot spots and bodies easier in smoke-filled rooms.

The department hopes to get the new equipment sometime in October.

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