Geese continue to cause trouble at city park

Geese continue to terrorize city park

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - There has been media reports about the troubles one city has had with its geese for the last six years.

Blytheville is continuing to work on efforts to get rid of goose waste taking over the city. From possibly bringing in dogs to chase them away to adding lights at night to disturb their peace, it has been a part of the talk city officials have had on the issue.

Blytheville Mayor James Sanders says the city is looking into all humane options in dealing with the issue.

“We are looking at other alternatives that other cities have used… We enjoy the geese being here. They’re good for the city, but they’re Canadian geese. They’re a protected class,” Sanders said.

Sanders says he’s contacted the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in hopes of finding a solution to deal with overpopulation. He says anyone else with ideas can definitely reach out to him.

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