Grant could pay for three new firefighters

Grant could pay for three new firefighters

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Fire Department will soon be able to hire more firefighters, thanks to a grant awarded to the city.

The “Safer” grant would fund the salary for three new firefighters, with the city paying for the remaining expenses like uniforms and training.

Mayor Harold Perrin said more personnel is something the fire department needs to keep up with the growth in Jonesboro.

“We certainly are short. I mean we’re running these fire stations with around three people per shift somewhere in that area,” said Perrin. “And obviously when ISO comes back, they’re going to want us to build another fire station.”

The grant still needs to be approved through the city council before the city can accept it.

Mayor Perrin said he’s already got a list of the extra costs for the city ready to present at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

They hope to have new firefighters on the payroll in the next six months.

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