Mississippi County cracking down on blight

Mississippi County cracking down on blight
The pilot program partners will cities to help lessen the financial burden of tearing down homes. (Source: City of Blytheville)

MISSISSIPPI CO., Ark. (KAIT) - Mississippi County officials are cracking down on unpleasant sights.

They are teaming up with multiple cities to get rid of blight.

County Judge John Nelson hopes by setting the example, more will follow with keeping the city attractive.

“We are just trying to lead the way and we are going to suffer financially right along with them. We’re going to do everything we can do to make this project successful,” Nelson said.

They have been working from the inside of the county and plan to reach everywhere. The pilot program tears down single-family residential homes and so far, the county has partnered with Blytheville.

Gosnell is also on board and they are currently talking with Osceola now.

Judge Nelson says they are going to try to make improvements everywhere in Mississippi County.

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