2 JHS students score perfect on ACT

Updated: Sep. 23, 2019 at 2:39 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Jonesboro High School, teachers pride themselves on education.

Recently, two of their students scored the ultimate grade on the ACT.

Seniors Kyle Clayton and Matt Sherman have worked hard on their grades and taken the ACT multiple times.

Back in April, Matt finally achieved the perfect score of 36 on his exam.

Fast forward a few months and over the summer, Kyle got a 36 as well.

Both are best friends, but in-between those months of test-taking, there was a little friendly competition going on between the two.

"Kyle was a little angry that I got to it first but he was right behind," says Sherman.

"Whenever Matt got his 36 in February it was like a friendly competition drove me. I was like, alright I want to get 36 now," says Kyle.

Both boys weren't ever really jealous of each other nor were they shocked to hear each other's score.

They both have been dedicated students since the beginning and worked hard for their grades.

Science teacher Taylor Tarbutton has taught both boys the last few years.

"When I heard they both got 36 on the ACT, of course, I was excited for them but not at all surprised or shocked," says Tarbutton.

What makes the achievement even more special, both friends are trying to go to the same school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

They also want to share a dorm with each other.

"That would be fun. I think he would make a good roommate," says Sherman.

Kyle says he wants to be a biochemical engineer and Matt is looking at a computer science degree.

Whichever path both boys take, their teachers know they'll do great.

“They’re going to be leaders in whatever field they choose. No mountain is too high for them to climb,” says Tarbutton.

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