Doors get added security at Greene County Tech school

Doors get added security at local school

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - School doors at a Greene County Tech school got an upgrade with color and cool designs, but the real purpose is to block out unwanted eyes.

The new door warps, or screens, on the doors at Greene County Tech Primary School keeps people from looking into the building.

The screens act as a two-way mirror. Letting people see out, and not letting others see inside.

The school’s Parent Teacher Organization and activity funding placed screens on multiple doors.

Assistant Principal and Pre-school Director Kodie Potter said it’s kid-friendly and fun, but more importantly, safer for students.

“If somebody was coming up here with not the best intention for the student, they wouldn’t just be able to look into the hallway and see exactly where the kids are at and what’s going on,” she said.

The idea for the screens came from GCT Intermediate School, who recently placed one on their entrance. The primary school liked it and started the process of getting them.

The school is looking to add screens to the cafeteria in the future.

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