ACT test takers can retake certain sections of test in 2020

ACT test takers can retake certain sections of test in 2020
ACT officials said you can retake any section as many time as you would like. (Source: Alayna Chapie/KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - High school students will have the chance to retake certain parts of the ACT rather than taking the test all over again, according to ACT officials.

The Principal of Saxony Lutheran High School, Mark Ruark, said students have told him how stressful it is having to retake the whole test.

“Now it allows a student if you are weak in math or reading comprehension and you wanna take the test again you can prepare for that particular section and I think it will really help students,” he said.

One student from Notre Dame Regional High School said he wishes this was the case now

“I feel like I could really hone in and focus on one test and really improve my score,” said Nicholas Hux.

That’s not all, there is another big change coming. Students will be able to take the test online and get results back within two days.

"It would really help me, it’s too bad I’m a senior because there is a deadline for one of the schools I’m applying too and I don’t think the scores will be reported in time for me to send off. So if I had it in two days I could just report that and get one extra take in, " said Hux.

A counselor at Notre Dame said she sees the benefits, but wonders what will happen to those who have financial barriers.

“A lot of students might look to take the test more and especially if we are going to a model that lets them take the different subsections. I’ll be very curious to see how they adjust the fee waiver if at all,” said Amanda Mueth, counselor.

Once the new changes go into place students can take any section of the test as many times as you would like.

ACT test officials said they don’t have a price set for retaking the test, but said it will be cheaper.

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