Homes damaged from transformer blow, officials say

Homes damaged from transformer blow, officials say

DATTO, Ark. (KAIT) - This past weekend was like any other, but for the city of Datto, multiple explosions turned their weekend into misery.

On Saturday, power outages caused property damage from multiple electrical transformers exploding.

Town council member Jennie Moore says four transformers blew, leaving neighbors’ and family’s appliances ruined.

A refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove and more were a total loss to Moore’s family.

She says at her stepmother’s house, the explosion sent flames up the walls of her home.

“They had fire come through their outlets,” she said. “She had a nightlight explode. You could see, she saved it all for the electric company, but it just exploded. She had black going up to her walls. It was unsafe.”

Datto sees surges of electricity on a normal basis. She says the lights in her home will glow brighter than usual and then go very dim.

Entergy is the electrical provider for the area. Moore’s family has yet to hear back from Entergy’s claims department for their appliance losses.

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