More lanes will add safety for drivers, law enforcement

More lanes add safety for law enforcement

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - Greene County drivers will have to slow down for a widening project soon that will add traffic lanes. Officials said it will create a safe road not only for commuters but for law enforcement.

The Paragould Police Department said Tuesday the project will create less congestion which means fewer accidents.

Administrative Captain Brendan Baldridge said the project will create a better working environment for law enforcement.

“Having an extra lane is going to give us and people room to move over so if we have to get somewhere else, we’ll have room there to do that,” he said.

The project will take some time to complete. In the meantime, he said it is important to know the laws to keep everyone safe.

“If we’re not stopping you, we’re trying to pass you on the left because traffic is supposed to move over to the right and give us that lane,” he said.

The stretch of road has a narrow bridge that Baldridge says has seen many crashes over the years.

Modifying the bridge alone he said should help prevent serious wrecks in the future.

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