MSHP reminding drivers to watch out for deer

MSHP reminding drivers to watch out for deer

MISSOURI (KFVS) - The Missouri State Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to be more cautious as deer become more active on Missouri roads.

According to Colonel Eric Olson, superintendent of MSHP, attempting to avoid hitting a deer could result in a more serious crash with oncoming traffic.

As soon as you see a deer, the best thing is to slow down and pay attention to traffic patterns.

Last year, there were over 4,000 deer-related crashes, including six fatalities and over 400 injuries. Most of the crashes occurred in the months of October and November.

Remember that deer move in groups, if you see one there are likely more in the same area.

At night, watch for their eye reflecting in your headlights. Also, hunting and crop harvesting may result in these animals being in uncommon areas.

If you do hit a deer, call 911 of *55 and report it.

Make sure that everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained in a seat belt or child restraint.

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