Blytheville ‘on a roll’ tearing down neglected homes

Blytheville 'On A Roll' Tearing Down Homes

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) -The city of Blytheville is on a roll like a domino effect, knocking down neglected homes in their neighborhoods.

Many of you may have noticed the last few removals captured on video and posted to Facebook lately.

According to the city, seven homes have been knocked down so far within the past two months, but they have a total of at least 150 on their list.

As for the empty lots, once cleared out, officials say the owners of the run-down homes will be billed for the destruction, and are responsible for maintaining their property.

Janice Smith, Blytheville’s Code Enforcement officer says the project is going well so far, and thinks residents are happy of the outcomes.

“It’s a learning process,” says Smith. “So I think we’re going as fast as we can with it; and as far as it affecting the community, I think from what we’ve seen they’re loving the outcome from it.”

The city budgeted $300,000 for the project since the beginning of the year, which goes towards destruction, tipping fees for landfill drop-offs, and inspection.

The next house on the list is set to be handled on Oct. 14, located on Kenwood Drive.

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