Officer dances with girl, leaves inspired by her story

Police officer dances with Faith

CARAWAY, Ark. (KAIT) - One Region 8 officer went above and beyond to make sure a little girl enjoyed a dance, and he left inspired by her story.

Caraway Police Officer David Choate was caught on camera slow dancing with Faith, after noticing her walker made it harder for her to dance alone.

"I just wanted to make her smile and just forget things for a while. Just forget what she was going through," said Choate.

It was his first time ever meeting Faith, but it didn't take long for her story to leave him inspired.

Faith has struggled to overcome a lot in her life, suffering from a list of medical problems.

Region 8 News has told you some of Faith’s story back in 2016, after she learned to walk at the age of six.

"She just inspired me. She just kept trying to dance and she wouldn't quit," said Officer Choate.

Officer Choate wasn't the only one left inspired, Faith's grandmother Terri Summers said the dance meant a lot to her as well. "For him to see that she wasn't able to do those things and give her that chance was just you know words can't describe it," said Summers.

When Region 8 News asked Faith how she felt about the dance, she simply replied, “Awesome!”

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