Department struggles to keep deputies

Departments need help filling positions

CLAY COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is highlighting one of the problems they’re facing: keeping deputies on the force.

Sheriff Terry Miller says they aren’t the only department struggling to find help.

While searching for good candidates, deputies are working overtime to cover the slack.

Sheriff Miller says the biggest issue in finding and keeping qualified deputies is salary.

The pay rural counties offer does not match what larger, more populated cities pay.

Until Clay County Sheriff’s Department fills the open deputy positions, this will lead to other problems.

“It creates a constraint on the budget plus it also puts extra pressure on the men, or the employees,” he says. “They have to pull extra weight around to take care of that slack that’s been created so we’re having to work through that same situation here just like every other department does.”

Sheriff’s departments across Region 8 are using all resources they can to find qualified applicants.

Many have ads available for hire listed on their Facebook Pages.

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