City of Walnut Ridge resolves federal lawsuit, mayor addresses new social media policy

City of Walnut Ridge settles lawsuit

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (KAIT) -The Walnut Ridge City Council discussed several notable items Monday, including the social media use regarding a federal lawsuit filed against the police department and the former police chief.

The lawsuit alleges the police department reportedly violated free-speech rights when the agency deleted links posted to its public Facebook page.

In Monday’s meeting, the council settled the lawsuit and also adopted a new social media policy.

Mayor Charles Snapp said new social media policy allows the city to delete comments that are not relevant to what the city posted about.

The city must notify the person who commented and explain to them why their post is being taken down.

The person whose comment was removed would have a certain time frame to object to their post being taken down.

Fees from the lawsuit cost the city just over $700.

The Arkansas Municipal League will take up the rest of the expense.

The Municipal League said they plan to recommend the social media policy be adopted by all cities in Arkansas who ask.

Mayor Snapp said Thursday he’s happy everyone involved came together to resolve the issue positively.

“There’s no real ruling on what you can do, what a city can do, a suitable policy was arrived at that will be the recommended policy for all municipalities in Arkansas,” Snapp said.

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