City reacts to Jonesboro Police Department’s needs

City responds to police department's needs

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - City leaders responded Wednesday to police needs that they will keep the city safe and reduce crime.

Tuesday night’s city council meeting involved Chief of Police Rick Elliott addressing the council. SkyCops were mentioned along with needing more boots on the ground.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says he plans on following through on what Elliott has set in motion.

Perrin plans on approaching the council on moving money out of excess reserves.

“This budget’s already tight this year, I don’t mind telling you that, not only in the public safety, but throughout the entire city,” Perrin says, “Bottom line is we’re looking at revenues from 2015, but the revenues are not keeping up with the expenses. So obviously we’ve got to look for other ways in which to get revenue.”

He plans on talking to the finance committee about moving the money but plans on adding more SkyCops to the city this year.

Perrin says he needs to know more information from Elliott. He is wanting on information such as locations for the SkyCops, types of cameras the department plans on purchasing as well as renting versus owning.

He says once he knows that information, he can put adding the SkyCops into motion.

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