Do you get sick every time it gets cold?

Cold weather and sickness

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - For many, the cold weather seasons can mean getting sick, but there are some things all of us can do to keep the germs at bay.

Adam Green said he dreads the cold weather.

“It’s just bad the cold gets in you and you just can’t get it out,” he said.

He can tell when it’s about to get a cold.

“You end up running a fever for two and a half weeks,” Green said, because around this time of year he knows he’ll get sick.

"It's been happening for 36 years every year this time of year," said Green.

“With it being the fall allergy season, you know a lot of things are falling from the trees and a change in the temperature that gets a lot of things aggravated,” Nurse practitioner, Magin Chapman, with Jackson Family Care said.

According to Chapman, they see more patients when it’s cold.

"Our number's start to increase when we get into the fall allergy season and then getting into the typical illness of winter," she said.

Green has a list of things he suffers with every year, “Runny nose, coughing, sore throat, fever, not being able to get a very deep breathe,”

Chapman said symptoms like these are normal, taking steps to protect yourself is important.

"Good hand washing, your flu shot, getting plenty of rest, drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding being around others who might be feeling ill," she said.

Green said he always has his medicine handy.

"I make sure I have enough good sinus medicine, I make sure I have some antibiotics, and that's pretty much it I make sure I have soup on hand," he said.

Chapman recommends keeping your hands out of your face to prevent getting sick. Make sure you stress to your kids the importance of hand washing during this time of year.

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