Four generations serve Cross County community at local hospital

Four generations of nurses

WYNNE, Ark. (KAIT) - One career path has led four generations of women to serve their community working as nurses at Cross Ridge Community Hospital in Wynne.

Ms. Blanchie Walker-Harris is a nursing legend in town, leaving behind a legacy for three other generations since the 1960s to take care of people.

Both of Walker-Harris’ daughters, Shirley Pinkney and Nellie Lopp, eventually began to work with their mother in the same hospital as they got older.

Pinkney said she temporarily moved to Memphis to work as a nurse, then made her way back to Wynne to be closer to her family.

“I was a single mother and I just needed the help, so I just stayed here," Pinkney said.

While following in her mother’s footsteps, Pinkney’s daughter, Dr. Terri Moodie, said she knew she wanted to work at the hospital since she was a child, while watching her mother work.

“My mom would be getting off of work and there’s a little waiting room where I would wait,” said Moodie, who is the director of nursing at East Arkansas Community College.

Now, the director’s daughter and the youngest on the family tree, Shyra Moodie, is completing her clinicals through Wynne High School and Cross Ridge Community Hospital. But she wants to focus on a different but similar medical path as a veterinarian.

“I’ve seen what they’ve been doing, and it’s good for them and works for them, and I know me. I just can’t do it," says Shyra.

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