City council approves $111k for JPD to purchase Skycops

JPD approved $111k to purchase Skycops

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - On Tuesday’s agenda, an emergency clause was set to waive the bids and purchase more Skycops.

On Nov. 5, Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott presented to the city council the benefits of purchasing 10 more Skycops in addition to the 2 that are already up.

The city approved to move about $111,000 from the city’s reserve fund to the police fund to purchase the additional cameras.

“We’re ready to proceed forward with the purchase of these cameras and get the order in so we can get the shipment and get them deployed throughout the city," Elliott said.

The entire project will cost $165 thousand dollars
The entire project will cost $165 thousand dollars (Source: KAIT-TV)

The cameras will be deployed throughout the city in so-called “ crime hot spots.”

Elliott says the department cannot release the exact location of those cameras, but they have an idea.

“Things could change, the location may change from what I have listed down today to where they may actually be deployed at by the time they get here," Elliott said. “If we deploy a camera in a certain area and that area becomes non-problematic, then we will move the camera to another area.”

The ordinance also included funding for a new dispatch center, 20 video recorders for intersection cameras, and monthly costs for the Skycops.

The chief said as of now, there will be a workspace created at dispatch but there will not be a dedicated staff member to watch those cameras. He says this may change in the future.

Elliott said that 20 intersection cameras already stationed around the city will now have encoders added to them for accident purposes and criminal activity. However, the cameras will not have license plates reading capabilities.

The total cost for the entire project is $165,000 dollars.

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