Law enforcement agencies test new restraint device

Region 8 law enforcement agencies test new restraint device

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Northeast Arkansas law enforcement is eyeing a new restraint tool to possibly add to their waist belt.

The BolaWrap is a handheld remote that spits out an 8-foot cord, wrapping around a person’s legs, arms, and waists at least three times.

It shoots out at 640 feet per second within a distance of 10 to 25 feet from the subject.

The Batman-looking tool helps control active encounters, especially during a mental crisis.

A representative of Wrap Technologies says the tool is painless and a game-changer.

“Many other tools that law enforcement have rely on pain, but this does not," said Rosanne Manghisi, Wrap Technologies director of public safety services. "That’s why this is a game-changer because it fills that void that we’ve had for so many years. What do we use between de-escalation and our first level of force tool?”

The BolaWrap is currently used in many major cities like Fort Worth, Texas, and Miami, Florida.

Jonesboro police and other Region 8 law enforcement agencies have not confirmed whether they’re going to add this new device to their tool collection or not.

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