Hungry Hound Cafe proves to be beneficial for students and community

Hungry Hound Cafe serves the community

NEWPORT, Ark. (KAIT) - In Newport, students are getting the chance to take advantage of the only licensed teaching restaurant in an Arkansas school and it is right on their campus.

As the Newport Greyhounds prepare for a big playoff game Friday, something other than team spirit fills the halls.

Pork Tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans and wacky cake are all being prepared at the Hungry Hound Café.

“My students, when they leave here, they have that industry certification because ServSafe is national wide restaurant association through the industry of certification," said Leanne Bradley, home economics teacher. "So, my kids can go anywhere.”

Students take three yearlong courses and are Servsafe certified to learn the ins and outs of food production. They start with family consumer science, food safety, nutrition, and food production and services.

“This really teaches you how to work in a kitchen, how to work with other people, the timing it takes to get food out, the customer service. It teaches you all of that,” said Michael Riley, a senior.

Riley has dreams of opening his own restaurant. He says this class gives him the freedom to express himself.

“It boosts your confidence, you learned the lesson yourself and it really helps you,” Riley said.

But, he says it’s all due to the help of Bradley.

Bradley found a love for the industry when she was young and is happy to now see students finding that same passion.

“It’s fantastic. It’s a step up. They all leave here with a step up, and it’s like a bonus pack,” Bradley said.

A step up that comes with hard work.

“It’s a little crazy, it’s a little hectic, but it’s good," Bradley said.

Many community members are the patrons of the cafe. The food is so good, they even have a waiting list.

“This team here is also in the playoffs. This food is phenomenal. You can’t go to a restaurant anywhere around that would be any better what we were served today,” said David Gregory.

Hungry Hounds Café will serve its next meal on Dec. 12. All reservations may be made a week before the meal by emailing

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